Zenwork Software

Services: Lead Generation Campaigns, Email Marketing, SEO/Content Marketing, LinkedIn Remarketing
Zenwork is a fast-growing digital tax compliance company. Operating under the brands Tax1099 and Compliancely, our 10+ years of experience powers more than 100,000+ businesses nationwide.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Our lead generation campaigns allowed Zenwork to build a large pool of interested leads in a very short period of time. Then they had their sales staff connect and close the leads.

Email Marketing

Email is still incredibly effective at acquiring customers and encouraging previous customers to make another purchase. Our high level of lead segmentation makes all the difference.

SEO/Content Marketing

The content marketing strategy we created for Zenwork involved creating and sharing relevant articles and videos which increased their SEO rankings

Linkedin Remarketing

By displaying targeted ads to users who had already shown interest in Zenwork services, we created a more personalized advertising experience that dramatically raised their ROI.